Segway Navimow

Who makes it?

Segway, a leading company in personal transport and robotics technology, is behind the Navimow i Series robot lawnmowers.

What is it?

The Navimow i Series is a line of autonomous robot lawnmowers that can navigate around your yard without the need for boundary wires. It includes two models: the i105N, which covers up to 0.125 acres, and the i110N, which covers up to 0.25 acres.

Both models feature Segway’s Exact Fusion Locating System 2.0 with AI-powered mapping and obstacle avoidance, which is a fancy way of saying the unit uses GPS technology and onboard cameras and sensors to effectively navigate around your yard without running over that toy your child or pet left out. Instead of traditional mower blades, the Navimow units use a trio of specialized razor-style blades, which are easy to replace and minimize the risk of serious injury (although you should still be careful when working underneath the unit).

The mower works alongside Segway’s accompanying Navimow app (available for Android and iOS) to create and modify maps. You can also use the app to set up a mowing schedule and adjust other various features, including a weather detection mode that will automatically stop the mower if it detects a certain level of precipitation.

When/Where is it available?

The Navimow i Series was launched in Europe earlier this month and is now available in the US. It can be purchased through Segway’s online store as well as online retailers, including Amazon.

Why should I care?

The Navimow i Series offers a cost-effective and innovative solution for lawn maintenance, especially for homeowners with smaller yards (up to 1/4 an acre). Its autonomous operation without the need to set up boundary wires simplifies setup and use compared to its competition, while the AI-powered features ensure efficient and precise mowing.

The units are incredibly quiet (58 dB, which is roughly as loud as an electric toothbrush) and require relatively little maintenance so long as your yard is properly mapped out and prepared for the first mow. I actually use one of these units at my house and have been nothing short of amazed at how well it keeps the grass at a consistent length, mowing three or four times a week with almost zero intervention.

How much does it cost?

The Navimow i105N model costs $999, while the i110N model costs $1,299. Both models are relatively affordable compared to other high-end robot mowers on the market, such as the Ecoflow Blade and Husqvarna Automower