A screenshot of Jet Moto being played on an iPhone 13 Mini using the Gamma emulator.

Who makes it?

Gamma is made by ZodTTD, an active developer and member in the emulator community.

What is it?

Gamma is a full-featured PS1 emulator allowing iPhone and iPad users to revisit classic games like Crash Bandicoot, Jet Moto, and countless others. It includes support for Bluetooth and MFi controllers, Bluetooth and wired keyboards, and offers a touchscreen alternative for games that traditionally required PlayStation controllers.

Why should I care?

Gamma distinguishes itself by eliminating the need for BIOS files and simplifying the setup process for newcomers to emulation. This simplification breaks down the sometimes complicated nature of running and playing emulations. The app also features Google Drive and Dropbox integration to save and back up game states, ensuring you never lose progress in your favorite PSX titles. There’s also an option to add customizable skins to the UI to get just the look you want.

When/Where is it available?

Gamma is currently available on iOS App Store for devices for devices running iOS and iPadOS 15 or later.

How much does it cost?

Gamma is free to download without any additional in-app purchases. It’s worth noting though that there are currently in-app ads that pop up before your installed ROMs will load.

In Context:

Gamma joins a growing list of emulators that are now allowed on the iOS App Store, including notable names like Emu64 XL and Delta.